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When medical personnel or someone working in a hospital setting – be it a doctor, nurse, sanitation worker – picks up a pair of gloves, they do so in full expectation of the protection gloves are meant to provide. 

Working in an environment which exposes them to all kinds of health risks each and every day, gloves are their first line of protection as they examine patients, minister to needs and carry out the daily tasks of treatment and care within the hospital setting. 

At RL Glove, we are responsible for these examination gloves, with its myriad of uses. 

This business of making gloves is more than just putting together the right materials to create the product in the right shape and size. As manufacturers of examination gloves, we are the first line of defence for our healthcare workers. Therefore, we are also in the business of saving lives. 

This being so, our task requires us to employ the highest of standards and integrity, use the best of materials and employ the ultimate standards of excellence, so as to produce gloves that not only meet but exceed expectations. 

We take this responsibility seriously and we work very hard to maintain excellence. From the sourcing of raw materials, to the manufacturing process and the finished ready-to-use product,  every step is carefully designed and executed to create a product that we are proud of.

Our commitment to excellence – excellence of product and excellence of service – is our hallmark.

A testament to our commitment for quality and excellence

Our factory will be ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, SMETA certified, meeting all local and international standards for production, management and effluent discharge and we will adhere to international labour requirements and considerations as a fair and just employer.

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